Mark is super talented and never misses a deadline. I believe he may have won an Emmy or two. What’s not to like?
~ Richard Oliver, Commercial Director

Selected Works

I have a passion for special effects, a obsessive drive for authenticity, and a very keen eye for detail. Whether it's meticulously recreating the unique optical effects of vintage title graphics, making a flying saucer materialize out of thin air and zoom to the stars, or satirizing the look of cable TV infomercials at the end of worn out VHS tapes long after your favorite movie had ended.

I live and breath After Effects, but I also have a deep interest in practical effects. For the Archer: Vice title sequence, I lobbied for and directed a practical shoot which was well received by both fans and critics. Photography and videography are hobbies of mine, and I have a keen interest in retro technology. I've found that my technical knowledge of cameras, lenses, VHS tapes, and CRT monitors have all informed my compositing work when a certain look is required, such as in my Sci-Fi UI work on Archer.

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