Sci-Fi UI

Mark excels at all aspects of animation & motion graphics. He's focused and dedicated with a keen eye for detail.
~ Rachael Burns, Dialog.

Selected Works

As Lead Motion Graphics Designer on Archer, one of my jobs was to devise and create any and all computer screens that appear in the show, based on the requirements of the script. Often they'd be no explicit requirement or the screen was just a background prop. In any case, it was up to me to not only design the visual concept, but also decide what additional information is on screen.

I've redesigned the screens several times throughout the series to respond to the shows ever changing premise. Each screen adheres to consistent interface guidelines that I establish for that particular season. I've also created custom interfaces to reflect different organizations in the show, such as the CIA, NASA, etc.

While detail-heavy user interfaces with tons of windows and techno-fluff often work great in live action, in cartoons I've often found that it's best to keep it simple to not break the aesthetic. To this end, I often designate each screen to a single task, with clean lines and simple illustrations – an approach used successfully in 60's and 70's science fiction.

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