Bristol M Shed
Expanding Bristol
Creative Direction / Motion Graphics

M Shed is a museum dedicated to telling the incredible history of the English port city of Bristol. This exhibit covers five periods in the city’s history: Roman, Medieval, Post-Reformation, Industrialisation, and 20th Century. Each period is divided into sections covering Connections, Worship, Control, Work, Homes, and Leisure. The purpose of the exhibit is to explore how these themes were experienced throughout time.

The concept for the exhibit is an informative 3D flyover of the city and surrounding areas, which animates in time with the voice over. It’s stylized in sympathy with each period, but there’s also a unified style that spans the entire exhibit. I was tasked to create a total of thirty animated pieces, each approximately one minute long. The video below features a section from Medieval, Industrialisation, and 20th Century.

Producer: Centre Screen