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Archer Season 6: Kovacs Briefing
Sci-Fi UI / Illustration / Motion Graphics

As Lead Motion Graphics Designer on Archer, one of my jobs was to create any and all computer screens that appear in the show.

In the two-part season 6 finale, Drastic Voyage, the CIA coerces the gang into shrinking down to the size of bacteria and traveling in a tiny vessel to destroy a deadly blood clot. An homage to the 1966 classic Fantastic Voyage.

In this scene, the gang are briefed in their office by the CIA. For consistency, the style of the interface was in keeping with the style I established in earlier episodes.

In addition to creating the visuals, it involved a little research on my part – I had to work out the correct Ångström length of various real world objects (one Ångström = one ten-billionth of a meter!).

Producer: Floyd County Productions