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Archer Season 7: Mission Briefings
Sci-Fi UI / Illustration / Motion Graphics
A compilation of briefings from season 7.

As Lead Motion Graphics Designer on Archer, one of my jobs was to create any and all computer screens that appear in the show.

With season 7's move into the world of private investigation, I wanted the user interfaces to reflect this change, both in style and concept. For the mission briefings, my idea was to create a high tech digital version of the evidence cork boards often seen on police detective shows.

This would break away from the previous style by allowing overlapping content when new evidence was introduced, with previous content receding into the background. The content would be attached to digital 'pushpins', that strictly align to the dots in the background, giving a fresh look of digital precision to the traditionally chaotic TV trope.

Additionally, I devised and implemented a method for fans to download the briefing images from each episode by visiting the URL in the top-left corner of each briefing.

Evidence Board
A typical police evidence board, this one from the TV show Arrow.
Producer: Floyd County Productions