FX Networks
Archer Season 8
Illustration / Motion Graphics

Archer is a critically acclaimed and award winning animated comedy on FX. Originally set in the world of international espionage, season eight is a 1940s noir detective story that unfolds entirely within Archer’s comatose mind.

As Lead Motion Graphics Designer on the show, I work in collaboration with the Art Director to interpret any and all motion graphics required in each episode, including the title sequence and end credit design. These are revamped each season to match the style and aesthetic of the Archer’s ever changing theme and direction.

To echo the show's new theme, the title sequence was re-imagined with a new typeface, colour palette, and the shows theme music recorded by a real jazz ensemble. My idea was to replace the coloured panels from previous seasons and re-interpret them as Art Deco inspired windows, lit from the outside, giving the appearance of Film Noir silhouettes in a darkened room. I also created a series of Art Deco patterns that served as backdrops through the whole piece.

Producer: Floyd County Productions