Floyd County Productions
AE Toolbox Icons
Creative Direction / Illustration / UI
A selection of custom icons I made for a proprietary After Effects custom toolbox

The fast pace of production of the Emmy winning FX animated series Archer is in part due to an extensive suite of custom scripts for Adobe After Effects known internally as 'AE Toolbox', which enable the animators (myself included) to work faster and more efficiently.

At first, the toolbox was a text based menu. Seeing an opportunity to speed thing up further, I took it upon myself to draw icons for this entire toolbox, some of which can be seen above. Obviously a clear, visual representation of each tool is a far faster method of identification compared to text. I chose a simple style and monotone palette (harmonious with the existing Adobe UI) to not attract attention.

The arrangement of icons is not intended to convey the layout of the actual AE Toolbox GUI in After Effects. Additionally, the working GUI features rollover tooltips instead of labels due to limited space. It is merely presented here in this grid layout for presentation on this site.

A closer look at a few of my favourites
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