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Archer Scavenger Hunt 2016: Website & Icons
Direction / Illustration / Web Design / UI & UX / HTML / CSS
I created the icons, and also designed and coded the website

Archer Scavenger Hunt 2016 featured the web portal The Figgis Agency. It's presented as the website of the same private detective agency seen in the show, and a destination where fans can login to download content such as wallpaper, ringtones, PDFs, and other documents that complimented the season. It's also a place where they can launch into additional experiences such as browser based games and other silly goofs.

I created the icons, in addition to designing and coding the website. It's presented as a series of simple pages introducing the agency, along with a login area containing a simple online file browser. The site needed to be both easy to use and presented in a style that matched the screen UI seen in the show (which I also designed).

A selection of folder icons I made for The Figgis Agency website
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