Motion Graphics

Mark is an extremely talented motion graphics designer and animator. He was a senior member of the Archer After Effects team, and was the go-to person for the entire studio as far as opening title sequences and other motion graphics treatments were concerned.
~ Bryan Fordney, Technical Director & Animation Director on Archer


We've worked with Mark for years because he's brilliant at what he does. It's always nice when the client's expectation are exceeded!
~ Thea Burrows, Creative Producer at Maker

Selected Works

My pathway into Motion Graphics began at my first job after graduation. I left university with a Bachelor's Degree in Design & Visual Arts, specializing in Graphic Design. Whilst I had no formal training in Motion Graphics, I quickly got up to speed and studied everything I could get my hands on about the field and its main tool of the trade, After Effects. I discovered I had an intuitive grasp of timing and movement. My skillset was enriched by my meticulous, pixel perfect attention to detail, and a Graphic Design mindset of composition, typography, and colour theory.

I developed a deep love for After Effects and even used it to teach myself Character Animation. This ultimately led to a job on the Emmy Award winning animated series Archer, where I used the program daily for nine seasons as a Senior Animator, Compositor, and Lead Motion Graphics Designer.

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