2009 - 2018
FX Networks
Animation / Compositing / Motion Graphics

I was one of the Senior Animators on Archer and worked in a department of 15-20 animators. Each animator was assigned an entire ~30 second scene to be completed in 2-3 days depending on its complexity. I worked on nine seasons / 100 episodes of the show and contributed to its three Emmy nominations and one win for 'Outstanding Animated Program'.

This reel is a compilation of my character animation work. I was also the show's Lead Motion Graphics Designer during this time, provided VFX Compositing when required, and created three award winning Transmedia Storytelling projects.


It's always a thrill to stumble upon a scene I animated when browsing an internet forum or scrolling through Twitter. Millions of people around the world watch Archer, but for me that's hard to quantify because it happens out of sight. A surefire way to measure pop culture impact is if fans are expressing themselves and their love for the show by creating and sharing GIFs.

Here's a few of my scenes from a quick search of "Archer GIFs" — some of these have become internet memes in their own right.

So Erect You'Re Not My Supervisor Brett Shot Degrasse–tyson–san Lava Toilet You Maniacs Couple Skate Car Computer Slap Let Me Do This Pam Yell Pam Mic Drop
Producer: Floyd County Productions