Motion Graphics

Mark was a tremendous creative asset to our team. He went above and beyond his responsibilities and helped in all matters of production and creative. He has a number of different proficiencies and talents that can fit into almost any production pipeline.
~ Dylan Flinn, CEO at Shadows Interactive

Selected Works

My pathway into Motion Graphics began at my first job after graduation. I left university with a Bachelor's Degree in Design & Visual Arts, specializing in Graphic Design. I had no formal training in Motion Graphics, but I quickly got up to speed, studying everything I could get my hands on and learning its main tool of the trade, Adobe After Effects. I soon discovered I had an intuitive grasp of timing and movement. My skillset was enriched by my meticulous, pixel perfect attention to detail, and a Graphic Design mindset of composition, typography, and colour theory.

I took this Motion Graphics skillset and used it to teach myself Character Animation. This ultimately led to a job on the Emmy Award winning animated series Archer, where I used the program daily for nine seasons as a Senior Animator, Compositor, and Lead Motion Graphics Designer.