I got to give kudos to Mark Paterson for an incredible tribute that celebrates the music of both iconic rock stars.
~ Buzz Adam's Morning Show – Mashup of the Week – 95.5 KLAQ El Paso.


This is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!! 😍😍
~ Gaetano Novielli [YouTube commenter]

I'm a self-taught musician. So when inspiration strikes and implores me to take on a multi-week personal project, it will all too often be musical in nature. Sometimes in the form of a mashup.

Traditionally a mashup focuses soley on fusing two (or more) pieces of music, but in most cases I'll spend just as much effort making a video for it too. Each time, the process is a long-drawn-out labor of love and one of the few outlets where I can express both the musical and visual sides of my creativity, and fuse it with my passion for technology.

I have a blast making them and people seem to like them. A popular syndicated morning radio show found one of my tracks lurking in a dusty corner of YouTube and made it their Mashup of the Week. Even no-holes-bared internet commenters can't bring themselves to shit all over them, which really says a lot.